Monday, August 19, 2019

Therapeutic Listening

Hypersensitive hearing, as well as the inability to selectively listen – or block out the background noise and concentrate on communication – are major deficits in people with auditory processing deficits. Listening to modulated music stimulates the neural pathways into and within the brain, and helps to bring the auditory system, the vestibular (balance) system, as well as other sensory systems, into balance, and thereby reduces behavior problems as well as problems with ineffective listening and attention.

sound therapy, therapeutic listeningAuditory Integration Training

Sensory Integration Training for Communication (SITC)

One system of such modulated music is Sensory Integration Training for Communication (also known as Auditory Integration Training). SITC is part of an intensive 10-day sensory-based program where the participant spends one hour a day listening to the music along with other speech therapy methods.

We have been providing Auditory Integration Training – SITC in the United States, England and Austria for over ten years. Over 500 people with communication difficulties that may be due to learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, dyslexia, pervasive developmental delay, and Autism Spectrum Disorders, have received SITC from our therapists. Improvements are reported in behavior, communication, auditory comprehension, attention span and social interaction skills, as well as balance and other motor skills.

In addition to the Auditory Integration Training treatment sessions, we conduct group and individual family meetings, offering an overview of the process and what this means for the participant’s family in particular. Our experienced and dedicated professionals provide training and support for parents and teachers regarding the ongoing work with their participant. We believe this informative and unique aspect of our program is extremely necessary to maximize the benefits of the treatment.

Auditory Integration Training- Home-Based Listening Programs

Similar benefits to our auditory and vestibular systems can be obtained through specially produced music that is available on CDs, which can be used in the home or classroom under the guidance of a trained therapist.

SAMONAS Sound Therapy and The Listening Program (TLP) are two such music-listening programs. These programs offer music, voice and nature sounds that have been specially filtered to enhance the sounds that are most effective in stimulating the brain’s processing regions. Beautiful classical music and sounds of nature have been specially recorded and then carefully activated and engineered to have a calming effect on the body, as well as an activating effect, which then has the ability to help a person listen and understand auditory information more accurately.

Benefits are noted over a period of time, usually with long lasting effects. The CDs are listened to at very low volumes and have been beneficial in maintaining calmness, increasing processing abilities and new speech and language abilities, including articulation, reading, writing and spelling skills, as well as handwriting, motor coordination and balance. Our trained therapists will individually select the program best suited for you or your child.