Monday, August 19, 2019

Fast ForWord Products

Fast ForWord® Language v2
Fast ForWord Language v2 develops the fundamental language skills that are building blocks for reading success. Based on over 25 years of research on how the brain learns, the seven Fast ForWord Language v2 exercises use patented technology to develop oral language comprehension and listening skills. The software’s fun, focused exercises help students quickly and efficiently make dramatic, lasting gains in the skills that will help them learn to read. On average, students who work with Fast ForWord Language software make language gains of 1-2 years in just 6-8 weeks. With Fast ForWord Language v2 software, students build a solid foundation that makes other learning skills easier to acquire, and ultimately leads to increased self-esteem in and out of the classroom.

Fast ForWord® Language to Reading v2 

For students, understanding the connection between spoken words and written language is a critical component for learning to read or reading better. Fast ForWord® Language to Reading v2 software is a computer-based suite of exercises that rapidly develops the skills that help students make the link between spoken and written language. It builds the skills critical for learning to read or to become a better reader in a short period of about 6 weeks.

The five Fast ForWord Language to Reading v2  exercises use patented technology to help students learn to associate language sounds with the letters of the alphabet, and introduce language structures like grammar and syntax. Fast ForWord Language to Reading software is a great follow-up to the Fast ForWord Language v2 program as it continues to develop the attention, working memory, listening comprehension and other foundational skills required for learning to read or reading better.

Fast ForWord® to Reading 1-5

Fast ForWord® to Reading software is a supplemental suite of computer-based exercises that rapidly and systematically develops the skills that will help students become better readers. Developed by a team of top reading experts and based on over 25 years of research on how the brain learns, the Fast ForWord to Reading exercises target and develop the skills that correlate directly to school curriculum, and are designed to help emerging readers build the skills that will lead to reading fluency.

Coupled with rich classroom curriculum, Fast ForWord to Reading software helps students who need to rapidly improve their reading skills practice and build the reading skills that will benefit them in all aspects of learning.

Reading Readiness™

Reading Readiness™ is a fast, reliable way for parents, educators, and clinical professionals to evaluate the language and listening skills that are the foundation for reading and all learning. In addition, Reading Readiness can help children develop hand-eye coordination, beginning word play, and build sequencing and patterning skills.

Developed by reading experts from Harvard, Stanford and Johns Hopkins, the software’s engaging, easy-to-use computer exercises are a fast, fun way to measure the skills that are pre-requisites for fluent reading, including:

  • Phonological awareness
  • Decoding
  • Phonological memory
  • Letter identification