Monday, August 19, 2019

Fast ForWord

Fast ForWord includes several training programs that are individually adaptive and interactive computerized language-learning programs that incorporate the latest neurological research in brain plasticity (the scientific principle that the brain is able to learn at any age). These intensive, computerized programs are designed to help people increase the rate at which their brains can process auditory information, which then enhances abilities in communication, reading, writing, and spelling.

Fast ForWord- Scientifically Proven Training Programs

Fast ForWord brings us the first scientifically proven training programs that help people achieve improvements in speech/language skills, such as auditory memory, phonemic awareness and analysis, in just 6-12 weeks on the program for 30, 40 or 50 minutes a day for 5 days a week. Based on two decades of research on how the brain learns, Fast ForWord also makes unprecedented use of the latest multimedia and Internet software technology to address the underlying causes of these language-learning impairments. Innovative Therapies’ Director and Speech/Language Pathologist, Aditi Silverstein, MA, CCC-SLP, has been providing Fast ForWord for over 8 years locally and over 4 years in the United Kingdom. In addition, Ms. Silverstein is now training professionals in the UK to provide the Fast ForWord language-learning programs to their own clients.
Fast ForWord Programs – What programs comprise the Fast ForWord series?

There are ten programs in the series. Fast ForWord Language v2 and  Language to Reading v2 are appropriate for children ages 5-12, while Fast ForWord Literacy and Literacy Advanced are geared toward adolescents and adults. There are 6 levels of  Fast ForWord Reading, a curriculum-based reading program that is appropriate for struggling readers. 

Fast ForWord Benefits – Who can benefit from Fast ForWord?

Participants usually display improvement in auditory processing speed, working memory, serial order processing, phonological awareness, listening comprehension, syntax, and morphology. In addition to the measurable gains in language, it is often reported that children who have completed Fast ForWord are better able to interact with parents, teachers, and peers. New language skills often empower children to participate in the world in ways that were not possible before Fast ForWord training. Participants also display improvement in overall communication skills, as well as listening, thinking, and reading skills, and increased participation in group or class discussions.

Fast ForWord Requirements – What is required to participate in Fast ForWord?

Participants must receive an initial evaluation to determine eligibility for the program. The intensive training sessions require 30, 40 or 50 minutes daily, five days per week, for an average of 6-12 weeks. Following training, participants then receive a post-treatment evaluation. To qualify for the program, a child must be able to stay focused on the computer for 10-minute segments, must learn to tolerate the use of headphones during treatment, and be able to use a computer mouse.

Fast ForWord – Can Fast ForWord be done at home or school?

As a computerized, internet-based program, it is possible to take advantage of this specialized therapy modality in the clinic or at home or school under the guidance of a certified Fast ForWord practitioner. To do the program at home means that the parent monitors the child’s daily work on the computer. Then the information is uploaded over the Internet each evening. We receive the information via the Internet and monitor the participant’s progress daily. We keep you informed of progress on a weekly basis, and help you to work with your child in the most productive way possible. Schools can also conduct the program, making the programs more widely accessible to more students.

Why use Innovative Therapies?

Aditi E. Silverstein, MA, CCC-SLP, President/Founder of Innovative Therapies is a certified practitioner of Fast ForWord training programs, having completed Scientific Learning Corporation’s Certification Course offered by Dr. Paula Tallal in 1996. In addition, Ms. Silverstein in the only trainer of Fast ForWord practitioners in the United Kingdom.

For information about a Fast ForWord home or school program in Virginia or in the United Kingdom, you may contact Aditi Silverstein, MA, CCC-SLP directly at

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