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Auditory Integration Training_#2

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My other Auditory Integration Training Christmas participant is Nicholas – a lovely, very smart, 5 1/2 yr old. He has been reading for awhile now and knows all the planets, colors of the rainbow, composers, artists, etc. He is a joy! Before AIT, Nicholas’ speech tended to be echolalic and largely repetition of commercials and other TV/movie quotes. He did not easily follow multi-step directions, and usually did not use personal pronouns. His mom has been his patient and understanding teacher in bringing Nicholas to his current level of ability.  Since he started this intensive 10-day therapeutic listening program, Nicholas has demonstrated wonderful new gains in communication and behavior/social interaction.

 Nicholas was a very active listener to the Auditory Integration Training, and mom helped keep him busy and focused with a variety of quiet manipulatives. We also did some trampoline jumping! Each day, Nicholas’ mom came in with new stories of increased compliance, less distress at loud sounds, greater calmness and independence. Nicholas has also started using more spontaneous , interactive and appropriate speech, correct personal pronouns (I, my) and engaging in more communication turns.  Over this Christmas holiday, Nicholas apparently tolerated and participated more with family gatherings. His Grandmother reported that he was able to follow a several-step direction to go upstairs and retrieve an object. And most recently, he was able to go into a busy restaurant and maintain good, calm and appropriate behavior. We look forward to continued great reports of Nicholas’ successes!

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