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Auditory Integration Training

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AUDITORY INTEGRATION TRAINING again! I am offering Auditory Integration Training to 2 people during this Christmas holiday break. This form of Therapeutic Listening reduces a person’s sensory sensitivities and imbalances; thus paving the way for improved Communication and behavior.  Behavior issues in people with Autism often result from their sensory sensitivities; and communication is affected by their auditory processing difficulties. Auditory Integration Training addresses both areas. It is always so exciting for me to watch young people improve their quality of life as a result of auditory training.

  This Christmas, one young man I am working with is a 26-year-old who I actually worked with 15 years ago! He has recently shown some increased sound sensitivities and difficult behaviors in response to those disruptions, so his Mom called me about having Joshua receive this beneficial intervention again. After a few days of the Auditory Integration Training, he has already experienced a reduced number of  incidents and has been more compliant in general. Mom was also quite surprised to see him put his arm around me the other day as I sat next to him during his listening!  She had not seen this behavior before from Joshua! Then a couple of days later when taking a Christmas picture with his family, he put his arm around his Mom and Grandmother, also a first! I love hearing these stories; as such behavior is obviously representative of so much more that is happening within for Joshua!


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  1. Mom says:

    We are excited and hope that we will see additional positive changes with Josh as we go forward. :)

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