Monday, August 19, 2019


Aditi SilversteinInnovative Therapies, PC was launched in 1992 by Speech/Language Pathologist, Aditi Eve Silverstein, MA, CCC-SLP, to become a leading center providing a comprehensive range of therapies to improve speech, language, listening, reading and movement skills, as well as to improve overall well being through proper nutrition. These therapies are based on how the body senses, incorporates and applies different inputs.

Innovative Therapies, a USA-based Company, offers specialized therapies that utilize new technologies and the latest research-based methods. It provides home- and school-based therapy services throughout Virginia, the United Kingdom and Europe.

Innovative Therapies develops a step-by-step unique therapy solution tailored to the needs of the client. Our approach is to assess the client to determine the most appropriate therapies, alone or in combination, to produce success. We provide the client with factually based research to show why these therapies work, and to guide the client to integrate these sensory inputs in order to develop their potential. We are among the few centers in the world providing this comprehensive approach.

  • Individual Assessment— each client is personally evaluated across all sensory inputs (hearing, speech, movement, diet)
  • Research— we are constantly searching for cutting edge methodologies and application of new technologies
  • Synergy— we recommend a comprehensive treatment plan, including one therapy or series of therapies addressing speech, language, movement and diet
  • Experience— 25 years experience custom designing therapies to meet our client’s needs
  • Results— the effect of our therapies speak for themselves-hundreds of clients’ lives changed


All too often, parents of children with major disabilities are given no hope for the future abilities of their child. Similarly many children with very minor disabilities are not identified and given the help they need to make them strong contributing members of society. At Innovative Therapies, we believe that everyone has the potential to change and grow. We have taken our lessons from neuroscience, which has proven that the brain is plastic given the optimum learning environment. We have learned that with dedication, a strong intention and belief, and intensity of practice, that the brain can change and a person can learn new skills. We have seen hundreds of children who became capable of what no one ever thought possible – but of course, what parents and Innovative Therapies dreamed could be possible – and so, we all tried. We all made strong, intensive efforts, and hopes became reality.

 Ms. Silverstein has been a practicing Speech/Language Pathologist for 30 years and has specialized in the area of Auditory Processing Disorders for the past 13 years. She is the Founder and President of Center for Rehabilitation and Development–Children’s Therapy Solutions, offering Speech, Physical and Occupational Therapy in four Virginia locations since 1986. She is an authorized provider of the family of Fast ForWord™ Programmes, Sensory Integration Training for Communication (Auditory Integration Training), SAMONAS Sound Therapy, The Listening Program™, and Interactive Metronome™. Ms. Silverstein has presented trainings and seminars on Autism and Auditory Processing Disorders in the U.S. and internationally throughout the United Kingdom, Austria and Dubai. She regularly travels to the UK and Europe, providing evaluations, consultations and treatment.